Landscaped areas are meant to invite you in. Proper maintenance will encourage flowering, deepen the green tone in the leaves and deter bug infestations.

Creating efficient systems is our niche. We begin with a full system assessment and identify areas of significant to mild water waste.

Our monthly irrigation customers are never surprised by their water bills because proper monitoring of their system identifies leaks immediately.

We provide start to ZERO leak detection services which means we will find and repair leaks until your meter stands still.

We identify water leaks before your water bill does!

Tropical Landscaping and Irrigation

“You cannot afford NOT to call Irrigation Solutions and Landscape. Hard working, honest, and great response time. The best on the Island I have seen in 30 years."

SCOTT F – On Site Management
Tropical Landscaping and Irrigation

Thought I would mention that you guys cut my water bill in half..:well done...thank you...

BRIAN B. – Mauna Lani.

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