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Big Island Leak Detection Services

Irrigation Solutions and Landscape provides the best leak detection services in Hawai'i.  Detecting leaks early is of paramount importance, especially in dryer areas of our island, such as Kona, Waikoloa, Captain Cook and surrounding areas.  We use state of the art methods to detect leaks, and are extremely efficient in finding leaks under ground - even when there are no visible signs at the surface.  These leaks in your irrigation system can leave brown spots in your lawn, dead areas in your landscape, and unnecessary increases in your water bill.

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Our Leak Detection Services:
  • Locate leaks in the dirt, under concrete and under asphalt!
  • Adjust to your needs
    • Free initial assessment
    • Leak location services
    • Irrigation line repairs
    • One time service or continued service until your meter stands still

Leak Detection