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Sometimes the grass is actually greener on your side of the fence. You can achieve a nice, healthy lawn with just a little effort. Whether you want to grow a lawn or have one and want to make it better, there are numerous things you can do to achieve excellent looking green grass. Here’s what you need to know.

Water Your Lawn

Water is the main ingredient in a lush and green landscape. If you receive a lot of rainfall throughout the year, you may not need a watering or irrigation system. However, an irrigation system will give you finer control over your lawn’s water intake and is a necessity in areas that don’t get consistent rainfall.
A good rule of thumb is to start with two watering sessions each day. Once again, an irrigation system can help you take control of this process. Note that rain also counts as a watering session. After a month, you can water the lawn less, and even less than that after another month. The initial watering sessions are meant to saturate the soil, which trains grass roots to grow deeper- making your lawn able to tolerate less frequent watering.

Give Lawns Food

If you want a lush and green lawn, you need to feed your lawn what it craves. Fertilizers exist to give your lawn nutrients, but fertilizers can vary greatly.
Nitrogen is the most common limiting nutrient for plant growth. Try leaving your lawn clippings evenly spread after mowing- this will decrease the amount of added fertilizer needed to maintain a healthy lawn. You may also need to apply a dedicated grass fertilizer for a quick lawn pick-me-up. When using these products, make sure you read and follow all directions carefully.

Maintain Your Lawn

Proper lawn care requires routine maintenance. Maintenance includes regular mowing or trimming. You may need to water more in the summer than the winter months. When your lawn is getting the water and sunlight that it needs, it will grow faster and will need more frequent maintenance- both mowing and fertilizing.

Mow the Lawn Properly and Rake Often

You should mow your lawn when it’s dry, not when it’s damp. Make sure to mow the lawn before it reaches about 5 inches. Keep in mind that cutting the grass too low will give weeds an easier foothold.

Deal with Weeds Before They Become Problems

When you have a large weed problem, the best solution is to renovate the whole lawn. Smaller weed issues can be resolved with regular weeding.
Maintaining a lush, green lawn does require some effort but it is well worth it.