Irrigation Timer

For anyone who has watered their garden or lawn by hand, an automatic plant watering system may seem like a dream come true. Watering systems deliver water to grass, vegetables and trees in your yard based on an automatic timer. Property owners, gardeners, and farmers use irrigation systems to efficiently hydrate plants when the sun is low — you don’t even have to wake up for it.

What Is an Automated Plant Watering System?

An automated plant watering system is an irrigation system that relies on a timer to initiate the start and end of irrigation.

Reasons Watering Systems Make Sense

Most people implement automatic plant watering systems to save time and conserve water. Here are some other benefits of using a plant watering system with an automatic timer:
• In hot or dry climates lawns and gardens depend on automatic watering systems. To conserve water, automated timers set for pre-dawn and evening cycles begin the watering process without intervention, leaving you free to get ready for the day, sleep in, cook dinner, or just generally get on with life.
• In areas with little rainfall, plants require water multiple times a day. For farmers and homeowners who work or attend school, automatic timers make it possible to maintain crops and lawns even when you aren’t at home.
• Instead of coming home to dried up plants in your garden and a burnt lawn, install an automatic plant watering system to keep your greenery lush and healthy.

Essential Elements of Water Systems

Drip irrigation systems and yard sprinklers are the most common watering systems. Both systems turn on at preset times via an automatic timer. Learn more about these components below.

Irrigation Timers

An automatic timer allows you to schedule when irrigation occurs and allow it to happen automatically. This component helps you apply the appropriate amount of water while saving time. Most systems also have manual modes if you want to give your lawn or garden an extra drink at the end of an especially hot day. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing and operating the time and irrigation system you choose.

Yard Sprinklers

Most sprinkler systems are buried underground in pipes that deliver water anywhere on your property without disrupting the visual impact of your landscaping. The visible portion of the system typically consists of valves and nozzles that open up to spray water over the coverage area.

Drip Irrigation Systems

In drip irrigation systems, a main line brings water from the tap or reservoir to sprinklers or other emission devices in your yard or garden. For larger coverage areas such as for crops this might consist of visible pipes with holes that drip or spray water on growing plants. Some of these systems are mobile and move through the fields on a preset course.
Drip irrigation systems include the main line that delivers water and emitters to distribute the water. A ground-based plant water system may use t-tape, a porous tape with holes in it, to distribute water evenly.

Importance of an Automatic Plant Watering System

Since their inception, automated watering systems have become essential for modern farming and landscaping. Some systems are very complex but rely on relatively simple parts acting in conjunction to deliver water to every area of the property with little intervention from landowners.
From gardens to lawns to golf courses, you can find automatic plant watering systems that spray water in circles or distribute it through advanced systems that move up and down crop rows. Using a timer gives you the freedom to complete your watering any time of night or day. Set it and forget it to keep your landscaping verdant.
Find the right automatic plant water system for your needs. With the right contractor installing the system, you can count on reliable irrigation for decades to come.